düspohl is one of the world’s most innovative companies when it comes to developing profile wrapping technologies, and also laminating and peripheral machines for the wood and plastics processing industries. The company looks back on a decade-spanning history, beginning in the nineteen-sixties.

düspohl –the company

As early as the 1960s, name giver Reinhard Düspohl founded the company, which years later was to be synonymous with innovation in profile wrapping. His ideas and the resulting revolutionary production methods were the trigger for the steadily growing company success. The company is now part of the global Cefla group headquartered in Imola, Italy. The machines are still manufactured with the usual precision and with the highest quality standards at the location in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany. 2019 was düspohl's best business year since the foundation of the company in 1967. 

Innovative – down to the last detail

What makes düspohl special? With decades of know-how and a great deal of pioneering spirit, we have developed solutions for our customers that lead their production processes and results to greater efficiency and higher quality. Every element of a system is thought through and optimized down to the last detail in the design phase.
With the RoboWrap, düspohl has not reinvented wrapping but has revolutionized the setup time (5 min) and reproducibility of settings. Of course we are constantly developing in the disciplines of laminating and cutting. We will inform you about the latest developments in our newsletter.

Individual Machines – made in Germany

From the feeding system to the core of every machine, the glue application system including pre-melter, to the separation system, we supply all components of a profile wrapping or laminating system from our own production. Due to the different model series and a large selection of aggregates, we can respond individually to every customer request.
From the EasyWrap to the industry highlight RoboWrap - all machines made by düspohl are made of high-quality components. We realize decisive set-up time savings through clever setup techniques on systems of all model series. For example, the raster adjustment of the transport wheels or the quick-change system of the pressure rollers are our standard.