The video shows a PowerWrap Wide 1400 that laminates and wraps kitchen doors as well as fronts for drawers. The high glossy surface material covers the board from top to toe - creating a continuous lamination without any transition between flat surface and J-Pull handle. Read the full article to find out more about duespohl's lamination solutions. 

Laminating lines for boards made from wood, composites and plastics

Profile wrapping vs. laminating

While profile wrapping machines finish the surfaces of wood or pvc profiles with simple to complex geometries, a laminating machine presses decorative material to flat work pieces (boards, flat wide skirtings, ....). Typical applications are doors for kitchens and cabinets as well as parts of furniture bodies, back boards, panels for exterior fronts and doors

A good laminating line is connected to previous as well as subsequent handling systems and features a flexibile laminating zone that works with different kinds of substrates. To make sure you produce high quality results, the surface material has to be pressed across the entire area without any voids or wrinkles. The adhesion has to be strong and longlasting to make sure the final customers will enjoy the products for a long time.

Gathering and transferring process data

The collection of production data and a connection to your company's network is an important tool of a lamination line. In case of claims, you will be able to track the process parameters of the concerned batch. The collected data will also help you to optimise your entire production management. Last but not least, this control unit offers a digital management of recipes. 

Advantages of lamination lines made by duespohl

One of the major advantages of a duespohl laminating line is that we manufacture the entire machine from the premelter and the glue application system up to the separation unit, in our production site in North-West Germany. Being great experts in profile wrapping, we also offer combined profilewrapping-lamination-lines that enable you to finish the flat surface as well as straight or profiled edges (like J-Pull handles) on one line, in one single pass

The internationally renowned and patented duespohl-SlotCoater applies the hot melt glue. It assures a constant and homogeneous glue application for a strong and long-lasting adhesion as well as low maintenance efforts and high technical availability.. The laminating zone is extremely flexible and handles all kinds of substrates from honeycomb doors to solid hdf boards. The diagonal saw from the SynCut series separates finished boards precisely and without any clamping of the laminated boards



  • entire line from our own manufacturing, including premelter, glue application system and diagonal saw
  • combined laminating-wrapping-line to laminate both boards and their edges, e.g. kitchen doors with J-Pull handles
  • flexible laminating zone for different types of substrates
  • laminating of both sides in one single pass possibile
  • glue application by extremely durable internationally famous duespohl slot coater
  • optional: collection of production parameters and transmission to your company's network
  • staff free to focus on other tasks because of many automated solutions


Are you interested in profile wrapping? Have a look at our profile wrapping lines


MultiWrap Wide

Working widths (surface material): up to 700 mm, up to 1000 mm

Substrates: wood composites, honeycomb boards, pvc

Surface material: all common surface materials on reels (paper, thermoplastic foils, laminate, cpl...)

Adhesive: HotMelt (PUR, EVA, APAO)

Glue application: by  SlotCoater

Equipment: includes premelter, glue application systemdiagonal saw

Find out more about MultiWrap Wide


PowerWrap Wide

Working widths (surface material): up to 1000 mm, up to 1400 mm

Substrateswood composites, honeycomb boards, pvc

Surface material: all common surface materials on reels (paper, thermoplastic foils, laminate, CPL,...)

Adhesive: HotMelt (PUR, EVA, APAO)

Glue application: by  SlotCoater

Equipment: includes premelterglue application systemcutting system

Find out more about PowerWrap Wide.

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