FRONTALE 2020 - June 16th to 19th, 2020

Given the uncalculable risks and being aware of our responsibilities towards customers and employees, we have cancelled our participation in June 2020. We will be happy to present you our latest technologies online, by newsletter or on LinkedIn.

We will be happy to participate at a later point of time and meet all of you again. 


The following solutions help you improve your process and increase quality as well as quantity of your output: 

RoboWrap HP.jpg
ReelWizard completes RoboWrap: fully automatic wrapping machine equipped with brand new reel changing system and stunning software updates

It is great that RoboWrap's set-up time is only 5 minutes, so you can increase your ourput by minimising downtimes due to manual positioning of pressure rollers. But what about the frequent change of decorative material? 

We will soon present a brand new solution that enables you to produce every profile with a different foil without interrupting the production process.

Addtionally, our software department has successfully developed some impressive software updates. A  movie that we will publish in March 2020 will show you some of its smart functionalities.  

AutoCut 1600 HP.jpg
Fast and precise reel slitting: AutoCut requires a minimum of human workforce

The name implies that AutoCut has been designed with many automatic mechanisms that help you to speed up slitting processes including its preparations and make sure the quality of the results stays at a constant and high level. 

After programming the desired widths on the easy-to-use interface, AutoCut will move the knives automatically to their position. It also regulates the breakforce automatically and can be adjusted to sensitive foils or to those that have be rewound ultratightly. These mechanisms help you to plan your production processes more easily and to save manpower.