What's new in 2020?

As you surely have read, FRONTALE 2020 has been cancelled and will take place again in 2022. As for now, we will be happy to present you our corporate and product news by newsletter or on LinkedIn.

Also, we recommend to download our brand new WhitePaper that gives great advice on how to improve glue application for best wrapping results. 


Here are the profile wrapping technology news 2020: 

RoboWrap HP.jpg
RoboWrap - enjoy the new video 2020

You will actually need more time to watch it than RoboWrap needs to perform a set-up for a new profile geometry. 

But it's definitely worth having a look at: smart animations show you how the software works, real-life scenes illustrate how easy it is to "teach" a new profile with the drag & drop surface, or to correct a setting using the tablet while the production is running... 

And here it is...

Reel Wizard: brand new reel changing system

Developing solutions to reduce set-up times  (RoboWrap, quick-fix-system, grids for transport wheels...) has always been a major scope of duespohl's R&D activities. But what about the frequent change of decorative material? 

In 2020, we are presenting a brand new solution that enables you to produce every profile with a different foil without interrupting the production process.