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27 January 2021

duespohl pioneers in AI for profile wrapping

duespohl is known to be the most innovative company in the profile wrapping sector, always striving to make the latest technological developments useful for its customers. In these years, duespohl cooperates with the scientific institute ...

...Fraunhofer IEM based in Paderborn in order to use the possibilies of artificial intelligence and robotics to take profile wrapping to the next level. 

In January 2021, the Fraunhofer IEM publishes an interview with duespohl's General Manager, Uwe Wagner, in which he tells us more about the genesis, challenges and prospects of the RoboWrap and its related projects. The interview is the first one in this edition of "Mehr als Forschung - More than science", followed by articles telling us more about current projects of internationally renowned companies like Miele and Claas.

Here's the download, available only in German, but you'll find further info in English language here.

© Fraunhofer IEM

24 November 2020

Double cut for perfectly separated pvc profiles

Düspohl has developed the chiplessly separating system for pvc profiles SynCut 150G - a guillotine with a hot knife to separate wrapped profiles without any clamping. Using an...


...automated cutting system, you will run at higher production speeds, while staff will be available to focus on other tasks. 

The new double cut-function of the SynCut 150G goes one step further: To make sure that the wrapped profiles, running with gaps between them, will be processed without foil overhangings, it cuts the foil exactly at the front and rear edges
This solution is especially important to prevent problems when measuring the profiles in the following production steps. Sensors might mistake foil overhanging for a profile edge. 

4 November 2020

Profile wrapping with robots explained for beginners

Why do the plastic window frames look like wood and what do robots have to do with that? 

Being an innovative manufacturer of profile wrapping solutions and member of the regional technology network it's OWL, we continuously work on integrating the smartest technologies into our lines in order to support our customers to work more efficiently, more economically and employing the most advanced technologies. 

One of the most important innovations is the fully automatically foiling RoboWrap. This video explains beginners how profile wrapping begin and how the story will continue. Thanks a lot to it's OWL for this great short movie. 

For the English video click here

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20 April 2020

New RoboWrap video 2020

Unfortunately, but for good reasons, we cannot show you RoboWrap live at the FRONTALE 2020. However, we do not intend to hide it from you, so we are taking it right onto your screen.

 oday, we are presenting the new video, which also shows how to operate the machine and how the software actually works.  
Find out how easy it is to teach a new profile geometry by Drag & Drop. The intuitive user interface does not require a computer specialist, the same operator who is now performing the set-up manually will easily learn how to use it. 
Corrections will be done on a tablet while the machine is producing, so results can be controlled immediately. 

13 February 2020

bauelemente bau reports on düspohl news 2020

February's edition of bauelemente bau tells you the exciting innovations that düspohl will present at FRONTALE 2020. Click here to read the article (only in German, for information in English language click ...

11 February 2020

First aid for kids – easily learn to help

düspohl helps kids to learn first-aid measures

What can I do in case of burnings, an insect bite or in case of intoxication? And - most importantly : How can I help others in case of ...

In cooperation with publishing house K& L Verlag, the local association Förderverein Notfallmedizin Bielefeld e.V. (Emergency medicine Bielefeld) has published an easy to understand work book for girls and boys aged from 6 to 10. And we think that's great!

This is why we support the project

The book contains many colouring pages and transfers the ability to help in an emergency in a playful way. It features the siblings Olivia and Mario that go through different emergency situations - always in company of the sausage dog "Waldi". On 32 pages, the give advice on how to deal with burnings, heat stroke, insect bites, intoxication or shocks. Kids receive age-based knowledge on how to behave in an emergency and call for help. At the same time educators, teachers and parents can discuss the topics using the book's images and texts. 

 Supported by many local companies, the work books are distributed for free to kids at elementary schools in the district of Guetersloh. We as düspohl are happy to be one of them. 

Picture credits: @ K&L Verlag

3 February 2020

Most successful year

2019 was by far the most succesful business year since the foundation of the company by Reinhard Düspohl in 1967. The worldwide export share was higher than 60%. 

The strong growth shows that we have developed the technologic concepts that meet the requirements of the pvc and wood industries. We would like to thank our customers for the great cooperation and their trust. We are looking forward to exciting projects in the future in which we will prove our strength in innovation by developing smart technologic solutions.  


16 December 2019

MultiWrap Wood goes Moscow

Woodex is Russia's most important fair for the woodworking, furniture production and wood waste utilisation industries. New records were reached in 2019: 

350 companies from 27 countries showed their novelties and most exciting solutions to 9,197 visitors. 

Duespohl was also represented on the fair: Imawell, our partner for the Russian speaking countries, showcased a MultiWrap Wood 400 along with the premelter UniMelt 40. "The visitors were more interested in wrapping than in other surface technologies", reports Jakob Fuhrmann, General Director of Imawell - who is very satisfied with their successful participation. "Our well-known contacts were once more enthusiastic about the innovative technologies we supply. Additionally, we also convinced quite a few new customers."

19 November 2019

360° wrapping of drawers and furniture components

DrawerLine 300V is one of the latest developments made by düspohl. The line is the complete solution for vertical 360° wrapping including a synchronized separating system.

Each of its components is full of innovative technologies for a remarkably high production speed and significantly shorter set-up times. Equipped with a connection to your ERP system, it is ready for Industry 4.0.

Thanks to automatic format adjustment, the machine can switch from the minimum height to the maximum height within only 6 minutes. Since set-up requires less time, more time is actually available for wrapping profiles – this investment pays off fast!

The automatic reel change means that you don’t have to interrupt production due to change of decorative material either.

Production speed also helps you to increase your output considerably: the machine produces at up to 100 m/min. 

Since the machine equipped with the düspohl slot coater wraps by using hot melt glue, the coated profiles will immediately be ready for further processing. 

Convince yourself by watching the video and do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

24 September 2019

duespohl has scored a touchdown with automated solutions

At Glassbuild 2019, duespohl scored with automated solutions for profile wrapping. Especially the fully automatic RoboWrap caught the visitors' attentions. 

In our booth, we showcased three top retrofit machine components: UniMelt, SlotCoater and DigiApp. "We see a large potential for automatisation technologies in the North American market", resumes Andreas Jäger, duespohl Sales Manager for the US and Canada. Many processes for which duespohl offers efficient automatic solutions are still being operated by manpower. 

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