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28 September 2021

2D lamination for bathroom furniture - Royo Case Study


Click on the button to find out more about Royo's 2015 investment in a PowerWrap Wide 1400 and how they are doing today. 

Royo, founded in 1972, is an international manufacturer of bathroom furniture. Based in Valencia, Spain, Royo is also represented in Poland, US, India and Mexiko, employing more than 700 people who design and produce high quality furniture. 

In its production plants, Royo starts with the raw material and turns panels to furniture applying coatings or adding decorative material as well as mechnical parts. As a constantly expanding company, Royo needs innovative solutions to create drawers and cabinets with attractive surfaces. The innovation of process technology is a major scope of Royo’s investment policy.
Working with Cefla’s coating lines for more than two decades, Royo decided in 2015 to enlarge the choice of surface designs as well as qualities and added a high capacity laminating line supplied by Duespohl. For their production plant in Valencia, Royo acquired a PowerWrap Wide 1400S which realises 2D-lamination in 2015.  It laminates flat surfaces and wraps the boards‘ edges creating a continuous surface – without any visible joint. 
The major reasons for choosing Cefla and Duespohl as partners are the strength in supplying their customers with the latest, most innovative technologies and the  international presence. „Since we work worldwide, we need a supplier that is at the same level,“, explains Cesar Taboas, Director of R & D at Royo. Also, he stresses the importance of innovation: „It’s my belief that there may not be just one answer, but two: the ability to innovate and the best technology in the market, which any other manufacturer wanting to be involved in our sector must have.“ Of course, there is also the human factor. „Third, but no less important, is the ability to work in a team with our teams“, Taboas concludes. Royo, Cefla and Duespohl share the idea that machine and person are an inseparable tandem. In order to be successful, manufacturers do not only need the latest technology, but also the best qualified staff to handle it. 
The video was taken in 2016, shortly after the installation. Since then, the line has been producing reliably, requiring little maintenance efforts while delivering high output. “The laminating line has supported us in growing constantly and offering our customers a larger variety of surface qualities.“ Taboas sums up today. 

Watch the video and see the PowerWrap working!