Corporate News

27 January 2021

duespohl pioneers in AI for profile wrapping

duespohl is known to be the most innovative company in the profile wrapping sector, always striving to make the latest technological developments useful for its customers. In these years, duespohl cooperates with the scientific institute ...

...Fraunhofer IEM based in Paderborn in order to use the possibilies of artificial intelligence and robotics to take profile wrapping to the next level. 

In January 2021, the Fraunhofer IEM publishes an interview with duespohl's General Manager, Uwe Wagner, in which he tells us more about the genesis, challenges and prospects of the RoboWrap and its related projects. The interview is the first one in this edition of "Mehr als Forschung - More than science", followed by articles telling us more about current projects of internationally renowned companies like Miele and Claas.

Here's the download, available only in German, but you'll find further info in English language here.

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