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11 February 2020

First aid for kids – easily learn to help

düspohl helps kids to learn first-aid measures

What can I do in case of burnings, an insect bite or in case of intoxication? And - most importantly : How can I help others in case of ...

In cooperation with publishing house K& L Verlag, the local association Förderverein Notfallmedizin Bielefeld e.V. (Emergency medicine Bielefeld) has published an easy to understand work book for girls and boys aged from 6 to 10. And we think that's great!

This is why we support the project

The book contains many colouring pages and transfers the ability to help in an emergency in a playful way. It features the siblings Olivia and Mario that go through different emergency situations - always in company of the sausage dog "Waldi". On 32 pages, the give advice on how to deal with burnings, heat stroke, insect bites, intoxication or shocks. Kids receive age-based knowledge on how to behave in an emergency and call for help. At the same time educators, teachers and parents can discuss the topics using the book's images and texts. 

 Supported by many local companies, the work books are distributed for free to kids at elementary schools in the district of Guetersloh. We as düspohl are happy to be one of them. 

Picture credits: @ K&L Verlag