For customers relying on felt application of their primer, we now offer a digital metering system.  It eliminates the drying out of felt applicators and dripping which result in production stoppage.  DigiApp, utilizing stainless steel metering pumps for each hose.  DigiApp even allows for differing feed rates by channel as designated by the operator.  The system ensures that the pre-determined amount of primer remains constant at all feed rates.  Intuitive, user-friendly touch-screen control.  The DigiApp can be expanded and adapted to any machine.


The system is based on stainless steel metering pumps for each individual channel/hose. This makes it possible to locate both the primer reservoir and that for the cleaning agent at an ergonomically favourable height.
The electronic controls digitally ensure that the preselected quantity of primer coating in each channel remains absolutely constant at all feed rates. Even during individual configuration of the required coating quantities by the operator, the controls monitor and report and violation of the allowed limits for the entire solvent emission parameter.
​The well-known drying out of the felt tongues during an interruption in production is also impressively prevented, without the frowned-upon 'dripping' of unused primer. Even the pumping rate of each individual pump can be quickly controlled at any time by the operator and corrected if necessary.


  • The controls are completely intuitively operated via a language-independent touch-screen, and are therefore extremely user-friendly.
  • ​The system can be modularly expanded and can be adapted for any machine.