Foil-Heating-System FHS

The Foil-Heating-System FHS heats wrapping material to a pre-selected temperature just before adhesive application.

It significantly improves the distribution of the glue and helps you to save a large amount of adhesive expenses.


The material slides through a temperature controlled heating plate. A pyrometer is contact-free measuring the temperature of the foil. A cylinder with position measuring system controls the wrap angle of the heating plate, so that the pre-selected temperature is constant independent from the machine speed.

The system operates with practically all types of foils.


  • constant foil temperature control even for rapidly changing feed speeds thanks to automatic variation of the heating area
  • independent of foil colour and structure
  • anti-adherent coated surface
  • low energy requirement even at feed speeds >30m/min (1.8 kW)
  • contactless foil temperature recording immediately in front of the adhesive application unit
  • no thermal foil deformation during machine stoppages
  • no radiated heat/dazzling in surroundings
  • foil temperature can be pre-selected between 30-90 °C
  • not sensitive to vibrations/jolts
  • simple handling and operating
  • can be retrofitted to all existing machines.