LamiNator is a fleece backing machine for veneer, the perfect solution for laminating/doubling of sheet and reel materials using PVAC adhesives. LamiNator laminating machines are available in working widths of 400 mm, 700 mm and 1,000 mm and can process sheet and reel materials with optional unwinding and winding stations. 

In spite of its compact design, LamiNator can work on several parts in parallel to take advantage of the machine’s working width. 

Laminator is also available with slot nozzle for PUR adhesives.


Equipped with a highly efficient flashing off and drying path, which automatically adapts the intensity of its infrared beams to the feed rate, speeds of up to 40 m/min are possible without problem.
Once the majority of the water in the PVAC adhesive (white glue) has evaporated, a heated laminating zone presses the non-woven and the veneer under very high pressure. To facilitate a flexible reaction to changes in the material flow, every processing stage (glue application, drying path, laminating zone) is equipped with a separate, frequency-controlled drive. Automatic, diameter-dependent brake force control of the non-woven unwinder guarantees constant material tension. All components in contact with the glue, such as the driven metering roller or the backing roller, are manufactured in stainless steel in especially high-quality.
Despite its compact design, it is possible to laminate several veneer webs in parallel in order to always exploit the entire working width. All electrical components are particularly user-friendly thanks to their arrangement in a retractable control cabinet similar to a draw below the machine.


  • high production speed
  • frequency-controlled drives
  • rubber-coated adhesive application roller and stainless steel dosing roller
  • dosing can be adjusted centrally and be reproduced via a digital display
  • effective drying zone with groups of switchable IR modules
  • unwinding station with automatic web tension control
  • laminating zone with heated steel pressure rollersv Integrated winding station
  • telescopic switch cabinet.
  • application rates are readily managed and repeated via a digital display