For cutting papers, laminates, veneers and some plastics with a cardboard core.  MasterSlice features a pneumatic tensioning shaft to load material into the machine. Feed rate, material widths and cutting speed are readily controlled from the integrated cabinet with simple user interface.  Knife depth is automatically controlled based on the material and core diameter.  All operating elements are also accessible to the operator following proper safety procedures.  Specifications & Features: Servo-driven motors for precise feed rate control.  Cut material remains tightly wound via the pneumatic tensioning shaft so material is not damaged by “drifting.”


The reel to be sliced is taken up by a pneumatic tensioning shaft (3” - 76 mm or 6“ - 152 mm) and clamped. A lifting table is used to ease machine loading and unloading. The material reel is easily pushed into the open machine or pulled out again. The outer ends of the tensioning shaft are equipped with easily replaceable guide and tensioning bars and is rotated in the machine by a frequency-controlled geared motor.
The slicing machine is moved by servomotors on linear guidance systems respectively parallel and perpendicular to the reel material. Both the feed rate and the cutting speed of the slicing machine are respectively pre-selected by a potentiometer according to the material to be cut. The material reel is divided automatically according to the slicing widths stored in the positioning controls. The saw blade insertion depth in the material reel is automatically recognised and limited by the machine as a function of the internal diameter of the current cardboard tube.
The control cabinet and the user interface are integrated in the machine casing. All necessary elements can be reached ergonomically by the operator.


  • Highest possible cut quality and servo-driven feed rate control.
  • The divided material reels remain fixed to a pneumatic tensioning shaft during slicing, therefore no 'drifting' is possible.
  • The slicing stroke is limited by automatic recognition of the cardboard core internal diameter before slicing begins.
  • Fast and safe handling thanks to moveable lifting table.
  • Very simple programming of the required division widths.