MultiWrap Wide

The laminating line MultiWrap Wide laminates boards and panels made from wood composites or pvc with all usual surface materials on reels. It is available in 700 or 1000 mm working width. 


Laminating and wrapping on one line

Equipped with a combination of laminating and wrapping zone, MultiWrap Wide laminates boards and their edges in one single pass. It also features many systems to reduce set-up times and increase your output. 

Advantages of working with hotmelt adhesive

MultiWrap Wide uses hot melt adhesive to glue the surface material to the panels which means that the laminated boards will immediately be ready for further processing. Consisting of 100% solid material, hot melt glue has another great advantage: the panels will not be deteriorated by orange peel. 

Are you looking for a solution for working widths up to 1400 mm and even higher productivity? Have a look at PowerWrap Wide


  • laminating and wrapping of edges in one pass
  • reduced set-up times, low maintenance efforts
  • inkl. the internationally renowned duespohl slot coater
  • all parts from duespohl manufacturing incl. premelter and diagonal saw