In contrast to other hot melt systems, the energy in the PowerMelt extruder is generated entirely by the drive system. This eliminates the need for cleaning, even after prolonged operation.The innovative screw geometry guarantees consistent melting of high-temperature adhesive granules, such as those required by a wide slot coater. Granules are heated to melting temperature by the friction within the extruder. The melt temperatures are achieved automatically, regardless of the nature of the adhesive.  Adhesive does not collect in the extruder because of the continual screw action.  Powermelt can be retrofitted to all machines and for all applications.


The thermoplastic granulate is heated to its melting temperature by the heat of friction within the extruder. Because the coefficient of friction cannot increase at the transition from the solid to the liquid phase, the melt temperatures of the various adhesive types are achieved automatically.
Adhesive deposits or burning within the extruder are not possible due to the continual process of movement between adhesive granulate, screw and tube.


  • For all commercially available hot melt adhesive granulates.
  • No cleaning required.
  • No breaks in production during refilling.
  • Exact temperature control.
  • Can be retrofitted to all machines and application ranges.
  • It is also possible to supply adhesive directly using a bigpack.
  • The high efficiency of this system allows melting of up to 120 kg/h of adhesive granulate (EVA) at only 7.5 kW/h.