PowerWrap Wide

The PowerWrap Wide is a high-performance machine that not only laminates surfaces, but also encases their edges or recessed grips (J-Pull). It also processes high-gloss decors and allows a continuous coating of both fronts, as well as the edge area. Not only does the machine deliver optimal coating results, it also works extremely energy efficient.

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The PowerWrap Wide is used for laminating flat wood and plastic panels with decorative materials in roll form, up to a working width of 700 mm, 1000 mm or 1400 mm. The glue application takes place with an infinitely adjustable slot nozzle.

Model overview

 working width [mm]

 machine name

 up to 700

 PowerWrap Wide 700S

 up to 1000

 PowerWrap Wide 1000S

 up to 1400

 PowerWrap Wide 1400S

Precisely fitting machines for your production requirements 

The modular design allows the machine to be adjusted according to your individual needs. In addition, the complete adhesive preparation and application equipment as well as separation systems are also available from our own production.

Energy savings and optimum coating results thanks to integrated adhesive application system

The direct application of the molten adhesive to the decorative material in the production process allows the seamless coating of even complex geometries in the edge area such as fronts with recessed grips. Compared to processes that reactivate already cooled adhesive, the integrated glue application system in this machine has decisive energy-economic and qualitative advantages, since the required application quantity can be adapted individually.


  • laminating and wrapping of the edges in one machine
  • flexible response to workpiece properties through special roll materials and geometries
  • significant energy savings through integrated pre-melting and adhesive application technology
  • patented wide-slot nozzle with over 1000 installations worldwide
  • uninterrupted production if the machine is fitted with an automatic reel changer
  • almost unlimited geometries in the edge area with the surface coating material are possible to process
  • all units, from the adhesive preparation to the running diagonal saw out of one hand
  • significantly reduced set-up time through patented systems