PrimeStar ECOplus

General informations

PrimeStar is the revolutionary application system for low-VOC/aqueous primers in plastics processing operations.  It can be retrofitted to all existing wrapping machines. Primer is applied under high pressure by a coating head adapted to the current profile. Excess primer removed via integrated vacuum and transferred back to the application tank.  The result is a perfectly consistent coating regardless of profile geometry.  Production speed of more than 40 m/min is achievable.  Features:  Self-cleaning filter removes contaminants.  Reservoir control automatically draws exact amount of primer used for each profile.  Available quick-change head system reduces set-up time to seconds.

What it does

The primer solution in this advanced complete system is applied under high pressure by a coating head adapted to the current profile. The excess primer is taken up by the suction chamber integrated in the head and transferred back to the base station.
The resulting coating is absolutely homogeneous regardless of the profile geometry. Even surfaces incorporating difficult profiles such as grooves or downward facing areas are reliably wetted. Delineation to those areas that may not come into contact with the primer is in the range of tenths of a millimetre.


  • The integrated machine control system guarantees a constant coating for all production speeds - 40m/min and more is possible.
  • A self-cleaning filter system removes any contaminants from the returning primer, before they can re-enter the coating cycle.
  • The integrated primer reservoir level control automatically takes the same amount of primer from an external vessel that was used to coat the profile.
  • Required primer thickness can be adjusted.
  • The time required for a profile change is only a few seconds when using the coating head quick-change system.
  • A coating head quick-change system.