RoboWrap is the answer to the trend of ever smaller batch sizes and the increasing consumer demand for individual decors.
With ist maximum degree of automation and digitalization, it is also Industry 4.0 implementation in the wrapping industry.
The RoboWrap‘s special software was developed in cooperation with the universities of Bielefeld and Paderborn, Mitsubishi Electric as well as the Fraunhofer IEM. In collaboration with customers and partners, our dedicated high-level programming department is constantly developing useful updates that respond to the market's needs.

Watch the new RoboWrap 2020 video. 



Set-up of a new profile in no time
Once the positions of the pressure rollers have been programmed by the operator, the system repeats the settings fully automatically at any later time. Regardless of how different or similar the previous profile was, the robots perform the set-up for the new profile in no time! This does not only lead to a significant increase in production, but also to greater calculation security in the pricing of our customers. Since the now very intelligent software analyzes the operator's procedure before each set-up process, it always comes to the desired wrapping result even with worn or modified pressure rollers.
Easy machine handling
An operator with knowledge of the wrapping technology is able to transfer his knowledge to the intuitive user-friendly interface of the screen after a very short training phase and thus be able to program the machine for the respective profile. For the further production runs itself, however, no specialist personnel is needed.

RoboWrap in action
After more than ten years of development and a local innovation award as well as the Innovation Award of Ligna fair, the first machines were delivered for the plastic as well as for the wood sector.

In order to benefit from the possibilities of articificial intelligent in profile wrapping, we are participating in a project funded by the Germany Ministry of Economics: The AI marketplace


  • in contrast to other highly automated wrapping machines, the RoboWrap takes into account the use-related shape change of the rolls
  • profile programming and job lists can also be prepared from the desk
  • intuitive and largely linguistic independant operation of the software via drag and drop
  • correction of roll positioning while the machine is running with a tablet and without manual intervention
  • new software calibrates the machine autonomously, new process also allows automatic process in start of operation
  • reduction of rejects as the tasks of the roles are saved
  • number of robots depends on customer's demands, expandable
  • setup time is calculable, as it is constant and independent of profile geometry
  • no specialist personnel is required for the production
  • significantly reduced risk potential, since no human intervention takes place
  • permanent further development of the software with corresponding updates
  • numerous patented system development
  • software also considers wear and tear of transport rollers when positioning pressure rollers to maxime accuracy