General informations

RoboWrap is the most advanced profile wrapping system available.  Fully-automatic set-up can be accomplished in under five minutes making it perfect for just-in-time production.  Features:  Utilizes reel-mounted materials.  Automatic sensing of part geometry sets pressure rollers with tolerance below 0.1 mm.  Six-axis roller positioning capability and independent pressure regulation on each roller.  Automatic, independent positioning of transport wheels.  Intuitive user interface stores production programs and facilitates reporting functions.  Modular design allows for expansion as production demands change.  RoboWrap can also be adapted to work with virtually any profile machine on the market.

What it does

RoboWrap is a wrapping machine made by düspohl which is designed for a long production lifetime. The technological demands of our customers, as well as their requirements regarding the degree of automation and performance, result in an optimum machine. A düspohl wraps plastics and/or metal profiles with all known finishing materials in reels.


  • Automatic sensing of geometry and diameter of each individual pressure roller following a wrapping process.
  • Computer-aided selection of pressure roller geometry to suit profile geometry.
  • Automatic delivery of pressure rollers to the required wrapping position.
  • Automatic take-up and precise positioning of each individual pressure roller on the profile (tolerance less a tenth of a millimeter ).
  • Unlimited roller positioning flexibility thanks to 6-axis robot.
  • Individual pressure regulation for each pressure roller.
  • Automatic and individual positioning of transport wheels on each driving axis.
  • Intuitive software handling including database maintenance.
  • Modular design to facilitate subsequent expansion.
  • Adaptable to existing machines of all known manufacturers.