The reel slitter winder RSW divides paper and foil from pvc, pp, pe, pu, sandwich foils, laminate, some textiles or metal foils, depending on the material thickness. Being built in a very solid way, it cuts reels that are up to 1600 or 2200 mm large. In order to do an excellent performance, it works with ultra-sharp disc knives. 


Partially automated with manual set-up

The brake forces will be controlled automatically to make sure the tension stays constant independent from the diameter that keeps constantly changing. To ensure a constant cutting quality, the machine is equipped with reciprocally sharpening disc knives. Thanks to its design, the machine demands little maintenance and offers high availability. 

High quality results thanks to friction winding shafts

The RSW can opttionally be equipped with friction wnding shafts. These make sure that the newly rewound reels will rewound with constant and optimal tension, independently from the different widths. It also compensates differences within the thickness of the material of the mother reel. 

As a work safety increasing and set-up times lowering solution with automatic knife positioning, we suggest the AutoCut


  • automatic winding brake force control, contactless and diameter-dependent
  • constant web speed, regardless of diameter
  • 2 winder shafts, also available as friction winder shafts
  • heavy, low-oscillation steel frame in robust design
  • integrated residual strip removal
  • high drive power for ultra-tight winding
  • deionisation available