SynCut 150B

SynCut 150B is a synchronized flying cut-off saw to separate profiles while in motion. Its operating mode combines high dynamics with low tolerances. It works independently from the precedent machine und delivers high quality cutting results thanks to her unique design. 


Highly dynamic but gentle to the surface

One of its major advantages, is that SynCut 150B works without any profile clamping. Using this cutting unit, you will not be bothered by undesired marks on the wrapped profile or even deterioration of its shape. Thanks to the highly dynamic conception of this machine the sawing unit will always move synchronically to the profile. Since the cutting table also runs synchronically, the cutting quality stays high-class even when separating lighter profiles. 

Easy to operate

The intelligently programmed control unit makes sure that the cutting point will be traced independently from the length of the work piece. It is not necessary to manually program the saw after each change of profile geometry. This is why it is easy to operate and highly efficient in terms of set-up. 

Very good cutting quality and high service life

Of course we have not only designed it to be very user-friendly, but also considered quality aspects. The high-quality cut will convince anyone who has some experience and compares flying cut-off saws. The smart control unit is an important component which enables the result and a long service life of the tools. 

Inside the machine, the profiles are supported by a synchronized transport belt, which adapts automatically to the current transport velocity. 

For larger profile geometries we offer SynCut 220 or 360. 


  • high cutting quality
  • works without profile clamping, no marks on the surface, no deformations
  • available as retrofit for existing lines
  • highly dynamic cutting process
  • sawing unit always synchronized to profile
  • control unit recognizes cutting point automatically
  • optimal cutting quality even for smaller work pieces
  • no re-cutting, not of the leaving nor of the following profile
  • another cut is programmable within a profile