Wrapping of plastic and metal profiles

In order to laminate decorative surfaces such as wrapping furniture, panels and interior design items and accessories in real wood we market advanced machines that wrap wooden panels offering endless possibilities and assuring perfect finished products.
The materials most widely used to wrap wooden panels - paper, laminates, sheets of vinyl, sliced and peeled material - are applied on the panel in optimized times thanks to the fast control systems provided.

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Process: wrapping-windows-profiles  -  Funcion: wrapping-of-plastic-and-metal-profiles

EasyWrap Window

Our EasyWrap has an impressively compact design. One distinctive feature is the SCS unit, consisting of integrated systems such as its intelligent premelting device, the totally speed-stabilised adhesive dosing pump with quantity control, and our world-wide patented, infinitely adjustable, wide slot nozzle. 


MultiWrap Window

The wide variety of configurations makes the MultiWrap a real all-rounder for profile wrapping.
The configuration is always based on the requirements of the specific project.


PrimeStar ECOplus

The PrimeStar ECOplus is the revolutionary application system for VOC-reduced, NEP as well as completely pyrrolidone-free primers in the plastics processing industry. The achieved peel values ​​are process-reliable, permanently repeatable and correspond to the current RAL-GZ 716.

Regarding the complexity of the profile geometries, there are no restrictions ...



RoboWrap is the answer to the trend of ever smaller batch sizes and the increasing consumer demand for individual decors.
With ist maximum degree of automation and digitalization, it is also Industry 4.0 implementation in the wrapping industry.
The RoboWrap‘s special software was developed in cooperation ...