UniMelt can be used for all common adhesive applications; doctor blades, adhesive rollers and slot coaters. Works with EVA and PUR hot melt adhesives. For all commercially available adhesive blocks from 2 - 20 kg or granulates.    

It has been constructed to be energy efficient and with low maintenance requirements while contributing reliably to an undisturbed process and best wrapping results. 

Find out more in our WhitePaper. 


Best premises for a strong adhesion

The mode of operation of UniMelt makes sure that the available hot melt glue has been freshly melted. Even longer interruptions of production, for example at the weekend, do not require specific measures thanks to the integrated air drying system. It also has been designed to avoid burnings in the hot melt glue. 

Contributes to a safe und efficient process

UniMelt prepares the glue according to the process's requirements while the maximum melting capacity ( up to 40, 80 or 160 kg) always depends on the specific type of adhesive. Refilling does not require an interruption of the process. 

Maintenance efforts are extremely low. Thanks to high quality non-stick coating and since all relevant parts are easily accessible, the necessary measures become a pushover. 


  • thanks to special geometry and anti-stick-coating, adhesive residues can be removed easily
  • 100% adhesive utilization
  • UniMelt provides continuous melting, even during refilling
  • integrated slot coater control, upon request
  • language independent touch screen operating unit
  • melting according to the process's needs
  • careful melting process thanks to exact temperature control
  • integrated dry air generation with a pressure dew point of -70°C, maintenance free