Single unwinding station

The simple unwinding station with automatic tension control works with all kinds of wrapping material. It guarantees high process safety, since it prevents tearing and unintended running of decorative material after a stop. 


For a consistently high quality of the final products
Düspohl's unwinding system for wrapping materials on reels guarantees a constant break force, independent from the reel diameter. On the one hand, this is a basic requirement for homogeneous adhesive application and reliable bonding, and on the other hand, it prevents hairline cracks in the acrylic layer of sandwich foils. 

Simple operation and foil positioning
As an add-on, we offer, among others, an optional set-up aid for faster replacement and positioning of the decorative material reels or an edge control that compensates irregularities in telescopically wound surface material. For frequent decor changes, we recommend the double unwinding station or the automatic reel changer.


  • avoids tearing and constriction of the wrapping material due to excessive tension
  • sensitive control of the braking force for tension-sensitive décor materials
  • constant braking force enables a homogeneous adhesive application