DrawerLine 300V

Discover the new solution for vertical 360° wrapping of drawers and parts of furniture bodies: DrawerLine 300V by düspohl. 

It includes the automatic reel change to avoid interruption of production and SynCut 330V for dynamic separation and an optimal cut. 

Thanks to the minimised set-up times, you benefit from higher output while constantly achieving best quality results. 


Set-up within max. 6 minutes

The automatic format adjustment enables you to change from the minimum profile height to the maximum height - and vice versa - within maximally six minutes. At the push of the botton, all components involved move to their defined position. Since you spend less time on set-up, there is much more time available to produce a significantly higher output. 

To make sure that the frequent change of decor material will not steal your time, we have equipped DrawerLine with the automatic reel changer

Glue application by slot coater

Like most düspohl wrapping machines, DrawerLine 300V applies the hot melt glue using the internationally patented slot coater. In contrast to the application of PVAC glue, this means that you work with a constant dosing and 100% solid content. 

A further advantage is that the wrapped panels are immediately ready for further processing. 

Wrapping 4.0

Using a newly developed PlugIn, which we can specifically adapt to your own ERP, we transfer all important parameters of the machine to your computer.

This enables you to track settings and conditions of production in relation to every job - an important prerequisite for successful production management. Using the collected data you also create a basis for the ideal load factor. 


  • set-up time max. 6 minutes thanks to automatic format adjustment
  • minimal consumption of glue due to slot cloater application and constant dosing
  • 360° wrapping
  • plugin to provide you with operating data as a basis for further process optimisation
  • programmation of recipes also via an external computer 
  • automatic reel changer for production without interruption
  • profile height 50 - 299 mm
  • transport speed up to 100 m/min
  • SynCut 330V for optimal separating process and minimal tolerance of positioning