XPress Parquet

XPress Parquet is an automated all-in-one solution for the production of parquet flooring. Since it pastes the top layer and the base material using PUR hot melt glue that consists of 100% solid material, the boards will keep their shape after pressing- deformations will not occur. As a consequence, further production steps using other machines will run trouble-free and the final customer will find the placing of the parquet an easy piece of work.  


High performance and low investment volume

With its smart way of operating and high production velocities of up to 100 m/min, duespohl's XPress Parquet produces up to 300% of the output that other current automated manufacturing processes generate. At the same time, it requires 30% of the investment volume - and space - in comparison to alternative lines. Like all duespohl machines, it is extremely efficient and resource-friendly.

All units from our own manufacturing

As a complete solution, XPress Parquet contains the automatic infeed system, the premelter and the synchronized saw. It is available in the working widths 250 and 400 mm. 

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  • applies PUR adhesive with 100% solid content
  • pressed boards keep their shape
  • further production steps trouble-free
  • easy to place for final customers 
  • significant increase of the out-put (up to 300%)
  • 30% of the the investment volume that similar automated solutions require
  • requires little space: approx. 30% of the area that comparable machines occupy