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Machines and technology

DrawerLine 330V

Düspohl's new line for vertical 360° wrapping of drawers and furniture parts at up to 100 m/min.

 Thanks to automatic format adjustment, the set-up time is reduced to 6 minutes! Of course it is ready for industry 4.0 and works with economic glue consumption due to constant dosing by the slot coater. 

Machines and technology

DrawerLine 250H

360° wrapping of boards for drawers

This new edition of MultiWrap Wood 400S wraps drawers horizontally which means greater flexibility, faster set-up times and easy handling. 

Machines and technology

RoboWrap 2019

Watch the video and find out why the RoboWrap is much smarter than other wrapping machines. 

RoboWrap does not only entertain with the stunning dance of the robots, it also helps you to stay competitive. When reproducing a set up for a certain profile it considers the shape and shore of the pressure rollers in that very moment. Hence, you will produce perfectly coated profiles much faster than ever before.  

Machines and technology

PowerWrap Wide 1400 S

The PowerWrap Wide 1400S has been designed for coating high glossy and matte J Pull boards. 

Machines and technology

Set-up time optimisation

This video shows you a considerable advantage of our machines. It shows the time factor to be saved by using our machine.

Machines and technology

xPress 250

The xPress 250 is suitable, for example, for the production of profile doors.

The high-performance press is also suitiable for continuous operation.

Machines and technology

xPress 1000

On the video, you can see the process of producing door leaves.

The operating speed of this systems is approx. 15 m/min. Approximately 6 doors per minute will be processed.

Machines and technology

SynCut 150

Fast, precise cut-off saw for profiles from Düspohl. Horizontal and vertical saw motors are controlled by digital servo motors. No workpiece clamping is required so part remain unmarred. Virtually infinite sizing and ready repeatability.

The parallel cutting machine, for the continuous cutting of profiles, which operates silently and precisely at elevated speeds. The best quality of the cutting results is achieved by a technically sophisticated system. Feed speeds of up to 40 m/min are achieved.

Machines and technology

MultiWrap Window 250S

MultiWrap laminates plastic or metal profiles panels via reel-mounted materials.

MultiWrap combines an economical investment level with unlimited model diversity and has a fully automated production processes. Adhesive application is achieved with a unique and simply to operate continuously variable slot coater. The modular system allows product-specific assembly of units. Primer application offering unsurpassed and reproducible process reliability represents the foundation for the highest possible product quality.

Machines and technology

Profile Wrapping

Profile Wrapping by düspohl Maschinenbau GmbH

What does profile wrapping mean? Profile wrapping is a process by which a decorative surface is laminated to a carrier material in rectilinear form. The lamination is carried out with a profile sheathing machine.

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