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PowerWrap Wide for 2D laminating

The video shows a high performant line that laminates panels used for bathroom furniture. What makes the line so special ? 

It does not only laminate the flat surface, but also wraps the edge, realising 2D lamination and a continuous surface! Mr Cesar Taboas, Director of the R&D department of the international furniture manufacturer Royo, tells us more about Royo's production processes and the investment in Duespohl's PowerWrap Wide 1400S. Thanks a lot to Royo for this interesting interview !

Machines and technology

Sustainable and efficient inline profile wrapping

Duespohl proudly presents the Profine Group Case Study. Watch the video to find out more,

In 2015, the Profine Group had extended two extrusion lines by integrating inline wrapping lines made by Duespohl. The boom in building and renovating, which was reinforced by the corona crisis, required a quick and reliable increase of output. Based on the positive experience with 2015's investment, Profine decided to integrate two more wrapping lines into the extrusion lines. 

Machines and technology

MultiWrap Window 400S

This MultiWrap Window features a Crossbelt as infeed and outfeed system. 

This economic solution is  suitable for non-stackable profiles. Since it is very gentle to the surface, it is especially recommended as outfeed system. 

Also, we show that MultiWrap handles light-weight profiles perfectly. While you watch it, pay attention to the double unwinding station which prevents downtimes and the production of waste parts. 

Machines and technology

MultiWrap Window 250S

This video shows MultiWrap Window 250S - wrapping pvc profiles. Why is it special? It wraps both, the upper and lower side, simultaneously - making it the ideal choice for an inline application with maximum output.

Featuring a Twin PrimeStar, the process works with low VOC, pyrrolidone-free primers.

Machines and technology

RoboWrap 2020

Find out how RoboWrap's software makes sure results will be reproduced and how easy it is to teach a new profile geometry by using the drag & drop surface. 

There's more info here

Machines and technology

DrawerLine 300V

Düspohl's new line for vertical 360° wrapping of drawers and furniture parts at up to 100 m/min.

 Thanks to automatic format adjustment, the set-up time is reduced to 6 minutes! Of course it is ready for industry 4.0 and works with economic glue consumption due to constant dosing by the slot coater. 

Machines and technology

DrawerLine 250H

360° wrapping of boards for drawers

This new edition of MultiWrap Wood 400S wraps drawers horizontally which means greater flexibility, faster set-up times and easy handling. 

Machines and technology

RoboWrap 2019

Watch the video and find out why the RoboWrap is much smarter than other wrapping machines. 

RoboWrap does not only entertain with the stunning dance of the robots, it also helps you to stay competitive. When reproducing a set up for a certain profile it considers the shape and shore of the pressure rollers in that very moment. Hence, you will produce perfectly coated profiles much faster than ever before.  

Machines and technology

PowerWrap Wide 1400 S

The PowerWrap Wide 1400S has been designed for coating high glossy and matte J Pull boards. 

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