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MultiWrap Window 250S

MultiWrap laminates plastic or metal profiles panels via reel-mounted materials.

MultiWrap combines an economical investment level with unlimited model diversity and has a fully automated production processes. Adhesive application is achieved with a unique and simply to operate continuously variable slot coater. The modular system allows product-specific assembly of units. Primer application offering unsurpassed and reproducible process reliability represents the foundation for the highest possible product quality.

Machines and technology

Profile Wrapping

Profile Wrapping by düspohl Maschinenbau GmbH

What does profile wrapping mean? Profile wrapping is a process by which a decorative surface is laminated to a carrier material in rectilinear form. The lamination is carried out with a profile sheathing machine.

Machines and technology

SynCut 220

Fast, precise cut-off saw for profiles from Düspohl. Horizontal and vertical saw motors are controlled by digital servo motors. No workpiece clamping is required so part remain unmarred. Virtually infinite sizing and ready repeatability.

The sawing unit (horizontal), and now also the sawing stroke (vertical) are driven by three-phase servos and are digitally synchronised, allowing the best possible cutting quality and a feed speed of up to 110 m/min to be achieved. Because this cutting system completely dispenses with any kind of profile clamping, impressions on the finish and deformed profiles are a thing of the past.

Machines and technology


SlotCoater is the best solution for adhesive coating of reel-mounted materials, including rough veneers. It offers up to 30% adhesive savings compared to roller application, consistent application, no uncoated areas.

By optimizing the positioning of the SlotCoater as precisely as possible, you will receive a better result in production. This is made possible by a system of scanners, which scan the figures to be processed and align the SlotCoater with the parameters thus determined.

Machines and technology

Adhesive Application Unit SCS

Our intelligent All-In-One glue application unit SCS: premelter, metering pump, filter system and SlotCoater in one.

Adhesive application unit for the melting and application of unfilled hot-melt adhesives such as EVA, polyolefin or PUR in granulate and block form. The adhesive to be melted is introduced from above into the Klebertank. The infinitely adjustable slot width adjustment of the nozzle, which also allows for an outside adhesive coating, is achieved by two continuously adjustable slides and is also possible during production.

Machines and technology

Reel cutting and winding machine

düspohl's specially developed cutting machine with two cutting systems: RSW T disk cutting system and RSW Q printing system. This machine is used in many industrial areas.

The RSW roll cutting and wrapping machine is used for the longitudinal cutting of papers and foils made of PVC, PP, PE, PU, ​​sandwich film, laminate, some textiles or metal foils as well as edge material made of veneer, ABS, melamine resin and other materials.

Machines and technology

Double unwinding station with automatic reel change

Up to 33% gain in production capacity

Two pneumatically acting clamping sleeves are used to hold one production and one spare part. A roller end or even material tear leads to the immediate lowering of all transport-determining drives. Subsequently, the roll end of the production roll is glued to the beginning of the spare roll. The adhesive site is followed until the arrival in the encasement zone. The production speed is then raised again to the last value driven. In order to keep the material tensile force constant regardless of the diameter, the roller diameters are continuously measured without contact and the required braking force is adjusted automatically. The scope of delivery includes two set-up aids, which make it much easier to replace and position coating casings during production.

Machines and technology

PowerWrap Wood 400R

PowerWrap is the premier class wrapping machine. The design concept opens endless opportunities. It sets the standard on the market and is unbeaten by its competitors.

Machines and technology


New AutoCut with an automatic positioning system for disc knives.

AutoCut is ideal for slitting papers, foils (PVC, PP, PE, PU), sandwich foils, laminates, some textiles, metal foils and edge materials (e.g. veneer, ABS, melamine resin and other materials), depending on the knife system used. An optional upgrade adds ASP (Automatic Slitter Positioning) for disc knives and two line lasers to help align winding reels. Specifications & Features: Working width: 700 mm. Cutting speed: 10-150 m/min. Touch-screen programmability. Fast set-up and exceptionally safe to operate with multiple knife options and easy changeover. Automatic unwinder with powered brake, contactless and diameter-dependent. Controllable, consistent material speed and tension. Available with single or double, overhung winding shafts for easy accessibility. Optional friction shaft. High-power drive motor assures tight reels. Dionization system also available.

Machines and technology

EasyWrap Window 310S

EasyWrap Window wraps plastic or metal profiles with reel-mounted materials. Proprietary engineering and vast wrapping experience have resulted in a great cost-to-value ratio.

Available in three versions with maximum working widths 310 mm, 400 mm and 550 mm.

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