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12 May 2016


New AutoCut with an automatic positioning system for disc knives.

AutoCut is ideal for slitting papers, foils (PVC, PP, PE, PU), sandwich foils, laminates, some textiles, metal foils and edge materials (e.g. veneer, ABS, melamine resin and other materials), depending on the knife system used. An optional upgrade adds ASP (Automatic Slitter Positioning) for disc knives and two line lasers to help align winding reels. Specifications & Features: Working width: 700 mm. Cutting speed: 10-150 m/min. Touch-screen programmability. Fast set-up and exceptionally safe to operate with multiple knife options and easy changeover. Automatic unwinder with powered brake, contactless and diameter-dependent. Controllable, consistent material speed and tension. Available with single or double, overhung winding shafts for easy accessibility. Optional friction shaft. High-power drive motor assures tight reels. Dionization system also available.